Private Investors, Accredited Investors


California Trust Deed Investments are an excellent way to invest in Real Estate. We offer 1st Trust Deed investments on Income Producing Properties. Many people are unaware of how private money works and how they can be involved. If you are interested in learning more on how to invest in private money loans, please send us an email.



Have you been turned down for a loan by your bank due to credit, financials or due to property type? Private money loans are available for you. If you own real estate, a private money loan could help you with your business expansion, purchasing inventory, building repairs, and more. Call or email today for more information.



Having a difficult time placing a loan? Do you keep getting turned down? A private money loan could be exactly what your borrower needs. We are also able to help you package your deal in a way to get the most offers from private and conventional  lenders. We love brokers and are happy to help in any way possible.