First Trust Deed Private Mortgage Loans

Thank you for considering Asher Evan Investments for your real estate funding needs. We fund our private mortgage "hard money" loans with our private investors. These loans are for the acquisition or refinance of commercial, industrial, multi-family and residential income properties. 

The expression “hard money” refers to the terms of the money borrowed since the loan has a higher interest rate, and is more expensive than financing one would typically find at a conventional bank. It’s also referred to as private money lending.

There are often good reasons our borrowers avoid conventional loans and borrow hard money instead.  When a good real estate deal appears, the ability to close a loan quickly can be much more important than the terms of the loan. In addition, we look at the property, when making a decision on our loans. We understand that businesses and borrowers run into tough times and we offer creative solutions to provide the needed capital. 

We rely upon our experience in the industry as brokers, underwriters and borrowers, to readily understand lending needs and time constraints in an effort to provide lending solutions. 

If a loan is does not fit our criteria for a private mortgage loan with us, we also broker select private money loans to mortgage lenders and bankers. We have an excellent network for lenders to provide our borrowers with the best financing terms possible.  

If you have any questions or would like a loan quote. Please contact us at 916-616-6203 or email

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