Asher Evan Investments values our relationships with Brokers. We pay broker fees to properly licensed individuals and work in conjunction with the broker in order to find the best possible lending solution for the borrower. 

Mortgage Brokers work with a variety of clients interested in buying, selling or refinancing commercial and residential real estate. They can do this through traditional lenders; however, many times borrowers or properties will require a more specialized approach. Maybe the loan does not fit your lending criteria, but you know it is a good deal and want to show your client that you can handle all their financial needs. 

Whether you are a private money lender, a banker or a broker, we know how important your client is to you and your company. Your client is your client, and we will always provide the same level of professionalism and excellence we provide our own borrowers and investors.

By referring us your denials and hard to place loans, you can still earn your fee while providing your client with an alternative solution that works for them. This keeps your client happy and keeps your business relationship strong. 

Please contact us with any questions at 916-616-6203 or email

Brokers may also use the button below to access an online application. 


Broker Loan Application