Earn 7% to 15% on First Trust Deed Investments


Asher Evan Investments uses private investors to fund its First Trust Deed private mortgage loans. Private loans are made against standing Commercial, Multi-family and Residential investment properties. All loans are in 1st position, a priority position over other liens or encumbrances. Coupled with excellent underwriting and conservative Loan to Values,  we strive to provide a protective equity cushion. Our investors are our number 1 priority. We work closely with new and seasoned investors to ensure the investment process is easy to understand and information provided is transparent. You can invest as a private individual, or through corporations, pension plans, non profits, 401Ks, retirement funds, charitable remainder trusts (CRTs), family trusts, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Self-Directed IRAs, and SEP accounts. 

In addition to the strong quality loans we offer, all investments are property specific and not pooled with other investments. Therefore, before deciding to invest in a specific deal, you will be able to review pertinent documents such as the appraisal report, title report and borrower financials.  All investors are titled on the loan per their pro-rata share of ownership. Investors can choose to invest in an entire loan, or a fractionalized interest.  These investments provide monthly income to investors for a period of 1 to 3 years. Each loan is unique in its own way, and is priced according to risk.

First Deed of Trust private mortgage notes are one of the best kept secrets in the investment market today. These investments offer high yields with security. We will assist with all aspects of trust deed investing which are needed to essentially take on the role of a lender, providing capital and creating a stream of high rate returns and monthly income. 

There are suitability requirements to invest in First Trust Deeds. To see if you are a suitable investor, please contact us at 916-616-6203 or email 

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